Senn Legal is a team of specialized trial lawyers practicing in both state and federal courts in the State of South Carolina. Our lawyers are also qualified to practice in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. Together, the attorneys have decades of experience representing individuals and governmental entities in a wide range of civil matters.

The firm primarily specializes in the civil defense of governmental entities such as police agencies, fire departments, EMS services and governmental hospitals. The bulk of our litigation involves Civil Rights defense, false arrest / imprisonment claims, medical malpractice and general tort claims. Additional non-governmental areas of practice include nursing home malpractice cases, work environment claims, dramshop claims and general tort claims (serious injuries only).

Our attorneys include Sandy Senn, Robin Jackson, Chris Dorsel and Kevin DeAntonio.

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Newsworthy Challenges

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With court decisions on Taser use, latest $600,000 settlement could be new norm - Post & Courier

Youths moved to Charleston County jail as lawsuit proceeds over juvenile lockup conditions - Post & Courier

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